Managed Support Service

Customers today are finding it difficult to keep their IT team intact without having to train and impart the company specific knowledge to their new staff. Solution would be to go with Managed Service provider so the businesses can focus on their core deliverables than spending time on IT infra budget, upkeep and support.

Technoally provides Managed Service to customer who has cloud servers, hybrid setup or current on-premise servers, desktops and mobile devices. We monitor, support and provide periodic reports for customers to have complete visibility of assets inventory, system status, backup status, patch management, device or service failures among other options like Vulnerability Assessment, Security management, Policy Changes & Audit. Compiling change management comes in handy for any new staff to take over the responsibility.

Customer who purchases cloud server across the world will have the option of adding Managed Support Service for monitoring, reporting and Corporates can have an option to outsource the IT support service and get professional support for Wintel platforms with Microsoft AD, Exchange and other System/ Networking infrastructure with optional on-site support.

Technoally would provide consultancy for customer before we embark on the managed service journey. This would lead the service to be smooth and successfullong-term support and relationship with customer.

Monitoring and Reporting

Systems and devices are monitored 24x7 for any failures or service variations. Getting notification on availability, performance and statuses gives customer a proactive measure to alert the users or customers and plan the downtime without firefighting the incident after it happened.

Customer will get a clear and simple report that helps to communicate the absolute value of IT service provided to the organization.

Managed Backup/Recovery& Business Continuity

How valuable is backup when it is not ready for a good restore of single file, email or full system recovery? There could be backup administrator solely changing tapes without realizing the daily backup has not completed successfully. We will monitor the backups and alert or fix if any error occurs or patch with latest updates if and when there is new updates available for the backup software and hardware.

Ask us on the Business Continuity Solution (BCS) to mitigate any the disasters on-site. Our consultants can work with customer to understand their File Services, Email, ERP, Telephone, Fax and other essential services to be available remotely when the staff is unable to work at office premise

Fully managed Desktop Support

Today’s businesses depend of the IT infrastructure to sell and deliver their services to customer so keeping the desktops/laptops and other end point devices without errors or other technical issues becomes paramount. Endpoint management made easier with Technoally’s automated software to monitor, manage and troubleshoot without obstructing the end user for most of the services. Technoally will then report the full log of activities performed by engineer on troubleshoot. Get full visibility of assets for inventory, upgrade, tech refresh verification or simply for asset tagging. Roll out of new software and patches made easy with the Managed desktop service for customer.

Level 1 support is delivered by our service desk

Level 2 support is delivered by Technical Staff with optional on-site visit

Security Monitoring and Management

Security is an ongoing effort in every organization that may require 24x7 monitoring. Customer may leave the responsibility to Technoally engineers who does the managed security services. With a range of solutions to fit different customer needs, the detection capabilities are enhanced thus preventing customers IT network from vulnerabilities, DDOS attacks, SQL injections among other threats being isolated.

Researchers outlined that 60% of the small business close shop within six months of data breach More than 70% of the attack is targeted at small business.

• Source: National Cybersecurity alliance.

Detect and respond (On Premise)

Customer without onsite support engineer could subscribe our optional site support for any break fix or technical support that may require onsite service. Customer with managed service option is usually serviced offsite unless it is required for engineers to make a visit to do some hands-on support.

With increasing use of technology for business productivity, there is a growing need of outsourced technical support as one single engineer onsite may not be able to support the full spectrum of IT setup.