Cloud Options

Customers who are exploring cloud service but like to make a knowledge decision after understanding the various solutions available in the market, do have an option now. Technoally's consultants are experts in this field who can advise on available options and the choice that customer could take for their hosting needs. Some of the hosted models as listed below. We help businesses to modernize their organizations IT infrastructure by making the move or adopting to cloud. While small organizations may adopt a cloud first approach there are bigger establishments who would need the migration and integrations service that is offered by Technoally.

Cloud Consultancy

Our cloud consulting would deliver to customer an analysis of the existing on-premise IT infra along with the best suited cloud computing and associated cost to make the move

Cloud Feasibility Study

Our cloud consultants will provide an in-depth analysis and feasibility study along with project schedule. This can avoid any pitfalls and keeps the timeline to migrate on target.

Cloud Integration and Migration

Recommending a migration and cloud platforming roadmap, thereby also improving the overall IT management, governance and avoiding any pitfalls with our engineer’s experience.

Security Assessment and Services

Remote monitoring and response plan for the intrusions and security breaches by implementing appropriate security controls and process.

Server/Storage and other HW that suits your needs

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service is one of the basic requirements when it comes to configuring HW on the cloud. As with all could infrastructure it provides the basic computing resource on a virtualized or bare metal environment. We can build your own OPEX model scalable HW from different cloud environment.
Order your standard virtual or bare metal servers on hourly or monthly pricing. Contact our friendly customer support staff for a customized quote. To configure a more sophisticated cloud solution our consultants would be more than happy to meet up with you for a more detailed chat and proposal. .


Business Applications that suits your needs

SaaS - Software as a Service is hosted by reputed vendors to provide the services like AD, Email, ERP, CRM, DB, Collaboration, HRMS, Accounts and much more. Vendors have their SLA typically to match 100% uptime. Technoally has no exclusive agreement with any vendors so we are able to recommend a solution that is apt for our customer.

Backup/DR & BCS that suits your needs

BaaS - Backup as a Service is ideal for customer who traditionally stores tape cartridge off site as part of their Disaster Recovery process. If you are currently doing your backup on premise and do not have any DR strategy, it is time to make use of the cost effective managed service backup.
BaaS is also for customers who would like to have their desktop/laptop user’s data to be backed up so as to recover if the desktop is corrupted or laptop is lost in travel. As a Managed Support Service partner, we would be able to monitor and manage the daily routine.
Business continuity solution would have an image of your servers or desktops on the cloud where it could be spin up to be live, in case, disaster strikes on the production site

Development platform on cloud

PaaS – Platform as a Service: An application server with management and deployment tool is readily available instantly on pay as use model. If you are game developer or someone looking into having to start a data analytics project, we have a mix of PaaS platform to recommend.
Customer has the flexibility to develop and test or run application without having to build their own infrastructure in house. It is a huge cost savings as opposed to buying the HW/SW licenses for UAT and test environments.

Desktops on the go

DaaS - Desktop as a Service is for customer who would like to have the workspace with all the office application that could be used from any internet connected device including laptops, Android, iOS or Windows tablets, mobile phones etc. Cloud based desktop setup would allow the users to have easy access to your documents, emails with the same level of secured access that you would have from no-premise.